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Episode 25 - Maggots in open water

Release Date: 12th November 2018

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We bring you to Westwood Lakes fishing on Swallow Lake to show you open water Maggot Fishing. Maggots are an excellent bait choice at this time of year, as everything in the lake takes a fancy to them. Andy knows how to get the most out of this bait, fishing for both f1's and carp and with Paul firing the questions you know we will get the answers you need. They explain when is best to loose feed v potting your maggots, the right rigs to use given the depth you are fishing in, hook choice, elastic and line that all add up to putting more fish in your net, the correct shotting patterns to use, how to lay your rig in which can make a huge difference to getting bites quickly and much more. Running for a whopping 1hr 37mins there is plenty to learn in this episode.